The altar of Our Lady of Lourdes in St Patrick’s church in Soho, London.

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So this arrived this morning. I’ve already read #BasicTraining so can’t wait to dive straight in to #IfGodWereAliveToday #Vonnegut

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Are you human, or are we dancers?

You tell me, are we dancers? If we are, when shall we get our groove on?

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I don’t feel human any more.

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The Summer bedding has arrived at Chez Etienne. #Garden #Crates #WallHangings #Upcycling #Summer #Plants

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I clearly have comfortable breasts. #LazySaturday

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I have been dieting for 8 weeks so far.

My starting weight was 13stone 12pounds. That’s 194lbs.

That is a lot.

I’ve done a preliminary weigh-in before my weigh day tomorrow and I’m set to officially hit 12stone in the morning.

This means a weight loss of 26lbs down to 168lbs.

Over the course of the next seven days, I will hit the two stone / 28lbs weight loss milestone.

In the next week, I will become the lightest I have been in four years. 

In the next month, I will become the lightest I have been in six years, since I started regaining weight I lost when I was 18.

The target is 160lbs

This is where it gets tough, though. I cannot become complacent and once the weight is gone, I’ll still have to work to tone up and firm the body that’s left behind. 

This is only half the fight.

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This is brilliant on so many levels, let alone the name.

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CocoRosie collaborators Tak and Josh Werner release music from their new project: HELIO PARALLAX which can best be described as “Sci Fi Dub Noir”.

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#Liverpool #Ships #Sailing #AlbertDock

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#Liverpool #AlbertDock #Ships #Rigging

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So long Liverpool, it’s been great.

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