he will come, neither with a knife in his hand nor with roar. he will come like someone who goes by by chance and asks the time. he will come and raise his hat. shortly after eleven o’clock, morning without special expectations. little light streaming into my room on the fourth floor. and he will come, he will read the current and the gas. he will close the door politely like someone who isn’t that versed in life.

Aren’t these also the lyrics from Jail and Pray? 

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FKA twigs shared ‘Pendulum’, the follow up to the absolutely stunning ‘Two Weeks’, also lifted off her forthcoming debut album, LP1, out August 11/12(UK/US) via Young Turks. Twigs’ floaty vocals lift the jittery electronics we’ve come accustomed to and love to perfection. Damn that falsetto is fire!

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Merry Birthmas to HRH Catherine “The Bush” Bush.

See you in less than two months with zeldaz0nk.

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My belly wobbles.

It needs to be hairier to wobble the amount it does.

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Perfume Genius - Hood

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13th century advice on etiquette from Daniel of Beccles - Do not attack your enemy while he is squatting to defecate.

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Is What It Is, She Keeps Bees

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Perfume Genius
Too Bright

no family is safe when i sashay

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Latrice Will See You Now
@latriceroyale x BIGBADLLAMA 2014
#fashion #drag #dragqueen #latriceroyale #rpdr #allstars #belfast #style #stylist #gay #eatIt #bigbadllama #portrait #editorial

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I wish Boychild and Antony and The Johnsons would do some sort of collaboration. I mean, this is pretty damn good. But imagine live shows. AaTJ have pretty awesome lighting on stage, imagine Boychild’s mouth pieces going crazy as she dances around Hegarty.

That would be pretty amazing.

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